At Preferred Transcription Solutions, our service areas represent our intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as our breadth of experience across multiple disciplines. Our comprehensive approach and deep experience ensures seamless solutions and proven results.

In addition to our professional staff of medical transcriptionists and electronic medical record professionals, we also have personnel proficient in insurance transcription. Additionally, we have expertise in technical writing, professional editing, credentialing services, general word processing, and business transcription.

Healthcare Services:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

We will interface with your current EMR system, or recommend an EMR platform tailored to your specific needs. Once our transcription is complete, we can easily import it into your EMR system.

We provide editing of voice recognition files. Our staff of medical editors will correct speech-recognized text files while listening to the synchronized audio file. Once a document is finished, it can be uploaded to you, or imported into your EMR system.

Complete Medical Transcription in all medical specialties – from basic medical transcription to a full array of customized services - with many convenient dictation options from which to choose.

History & Physicals
Progress Notes
Operative Reports
Procedure Notes
Radiographic Studies
Independent Medical Evaluations
Worker's Compensation Reports
Forensic and Autopsy Reports

Consulting Services

We provide analysis, recommendations, and project management related to implementation of an EMR platform with financial and clinical analysis, and information needs. Each medical practice has its own EMR challenges, so we work with you to identify the most important areas and create a solution that fits your specific needs.

We will recommend administrative and practice improvement efforts for transcription departments.

Technical Writing

We specialize in the technical writing and documentation content development of research protocols. We are skilled at explaining difficult technical material in a concise, readable form.

We can also correct and assist you with existing documents in reducing word limits by eliminating excess verbiage, truncating thoughts or rewriting sentences.

Credentialing Services

Credentialing can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process, and it can prevent your staff from performing the daily duties required to operate the office efficiently. Free up time for your staff by outsourcing these services to experienced professionals.

We provide tracking of contracts and credentialing documents of providers for licensure and accreditation regarding insurance company contracts, hospital privileges, malpractice insurance, and Continuing Medical Education requirements.

Insurance Transcription Services:

Insurance Transcription

In addition to our professional staff of medical transcriptionists, we also have personnel with expertise in insurance transcription with extensive experience transcribing field investigations, health insurance, risk insurance, financial insurance, and physician claims insurance, to name just a few. We produce insurance transcripts such as property, casualty and liability status reports, wordings, addendums, teleconferences, witness statements, summary reports, criminal defense interviews, certificates, recorded statement transcripts, file interviews, transmittal letters, and cover notes.

Other Professional Services:

Professional Editing

We provide comprehensive website proofing and editing.

We have excellent business editors who know the English language and grammar rules while always focusing on the marketing message you want to convey.

General Word Processing and Business Transcription

We provide an array of word processing services for companies from a variety of businesses. Whether you have small or large projects, we will provide you with fast, accurate and professional service. Let us handle all of your business transcription needs so that you can focus on the areas that are most profitable for your organization.

Ideal for professors, teachers, students, psychiatrists, consultants, writers, attorneys, private investigators, oral historians, translators, focus groups, researchers, etc.

We transcribe online videos and podcasts, speeches, lectures, meetings, webinars, conference calls, interview transcription, financial transcription services, webcasts, and more.

Typing Services

We can type your PDF files into Word format easily and affordably. We can also type your handwritten documents into Microsoft Word documents. Our typists are well-trained in deciphering difficult writing.

We also offer the following typing services:

Thesis Papers
Thesis Interviews
Term Papers
Class Lecture Notes
Legal Documents
Movie and television transcripts